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Esta Kapital

As the current generation hustled to achieve a successful financial life, investing and funding has been a hot thing in town. Esta Kapital is

Fotto by Sweet Escape

Nowadays, food looks more delicious with photography; the place looks more exciting with photography; fashion looks more extravagant with photography. Fotto by Sweet Escape


The brand idea is born from Mr. Calais passion for travelling and bringing the best & authentic taste of beverage from every country. By

Arras Rugs

Nowadays, awareness in design has been raised, including interior design. Rather than buy fast manufactured furniture, people start looking for customized interiors to fill


Manufactured in 1993, Weidenmann is a local manufacturer specializing in outdoor footwear. The adventurous journey started with a variety of hiking sandals, then escalated

Passion Privé

The jewelry you wear does talk about your style, personality, or more. Some of them eventually carry a stronger message, tell a story. It

Avocado Lovers

Avocados are the infants of the whole produce category. In the same way that babies will be sleeping soundly one minute and screaming the

Esta Dana Ventura

Despite known as one of the fastest growing funding company, ESTA was little known among the market. Behind this lack of recognition was a


Roona gives customers wellness and beauty products and services on the store. The provided products are soft lens, aroma diffuser, aroma therapy, facial spray,


Duniatex is an integrated and world class textile company that focuses on spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, and knitting. Duniatex has professionally managed 20 manufacturing
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