Ajinomoto Gyoza Marketing Campaign Activation

Ajinomoto Gyoza Marketing Campaign

Ajinomoto Activation Marketing Campaign by EGGHEAD Branding Agency

The Delightful Taste of Japan: Ajinomoto® Gyoza

Gyoza: A taste of gem from Japan. Ajinomoto®, as one of the biggest FMCG headquartered in Japan, seeks to expand the delightful Gyoza distribution from the B2B market into the larger scale directly to the hand of the consumer of Indonesia themselves. Ajinomoto® believes in the quality of their products yet the challenge arose of how well does their Gyoza compete in the market. EGGHEAD worked in finding a way to ensure how enthusiastic the market is to welcome the all-time-favorite Ajinomoto® Gyoza.

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visitors that enjoyed the delightful
Ajinomoto® Gyoza
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Ajinomoto - Marketing Campaign Activation - EGGHEAD Branding Agency
Ajinomoto - Marketing Campaign Activation Moodboard - EGGHEAD Branding Agency
Ajinomoto - Marketing Campaign Activation Process - EGGHEAD Branding Agency
Ajinomoto - Marketing Campaign Activation Moodboard - EGGHEAD Branding Agency

The Search of Gems from Japan: A Gyoza Experience
The Strategy

EGGHEAD answered challenges faced by Ajinomoto® through offering a full experience where consumers can directly taste the captivating Ajinomoto® Gyoza. This on-ground campaign activation strategy offers you an experience like none other – allowing young professionals and executives as our primary target market to experience and enjoy the Japanese delicious dish: Gyoza from Ajinomoto®.

Inspired by the Izakaya concept from Japanese food culture, the word “Izakaya” is a Japanese term consisting of three kanji which means a “stay-drink-place”. A spot to grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable. EGGHEAD combines the core concept of authentic Izakaya to experience the Gyoza from Ajinomoto® itself.

The Implementation

To realize this campaign idea, EGGHEAD tapped in both digital and on-ground strategies to create end-to-end activations in order to promote the Gyoza tasting experience campaign by Ajinomoto®. The objective is simply to reach the segment of Gyoza enthusiasts and allow them to choose Ajinomoto® in comparison to other competitors in the market. EGGHEAD provided online activations through Ajinomoto®’s social media platform and on-ground enablement through this Gyoza Tasting Experience offline campaign event.

EGGHEAD helped manage and produce contents for Ajinomoto®’s social media in which the event were divided into three phases: Pre-Event, During Event, and Post Event. Each has the objective to raise their curiosity and lure the audience into participating in the event of Ajinomoto® Gyoza. EGGHEAD also further amplified the event promotion by managing the KOL usage in which it is aligned with Ajinomoto®’s targeted audience.

For the offline campaign activation, we crafted a whole experience for the targeted audience of Ajinomoto®. EGGHEAD delivered merchandise designs, booth designs, brochures and placards, marketing aid, and many more visual and printed deliverables in order to support the offline event. EGGHEAD also partnered with Papaya Fresh Gallery to strategically place the campaign booth, which were in: Papaya Fresh Gallery Blok M, Papaya Fresh Gallery Citywalk Sudirman, and Papaya Fresh Gallery Cikarang.

Through these executions, it is undeniable that the results show how the market enjoyed the delightful taste of Ajinomoto® Gyoza. Ajinomoto® thus gained valuable insights and is now ready to spread the enjoyable taste of Gyoza to Indonesia's consumers.

Ajinomoto - Marketing Campaign Activation Poster - EGGHEAD Branding Agency