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Onuka Chocolate

Joy from Nature Logo Development Product Packaging Storytelling Narratives Onuka is artisan chocolate maker using hand-selected cocoa beans nurtured by our local farmers, ready


The brand idea is born from Mr. Calais passion for travelling and bringing the best & authentic taste of beverage from every country. By

Avocado Lovers

Avocados are the infants of the whole produce category. In the same way that babies will be sleeping soundly one minute and screaming the


Absolutea satisfies everyone’s taste buds through tea-based and premium-flavored drinks with an affordable price.


Culinary trends may come and go, but when a fresh concept has taken root within the heart of people, it holds the power to

Xi Bo Ba

Xi Bo Ba is a part of the fastest-growing, lifestyle-focused, F&B company in Indonesia (KULO Group) that offers boba-based delights.

Lawson Coffee

Lawson Coffee Indonesia is a convenience store-cafe under the brand of Lawson Station. Passionately serving everyone through a heavenly-taste array of beverages, including the
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