Xi Bo Ba

A Sweet Crossover

Xi Bo Ba is a part of the fastest-growing, lifestyle-focused, F&B company in Indonesia (KULO Group) that offers boba-based delights. Due to the growing popularity of the croissant-waffle crossover trend, Xi Bo Ba identifies an excellent potential to explore different market segments.

As a well-established key player in the specialty beverage market segments, the brand decides to fill this interesting gap that is suitable for a wider local market reach. A new menu creation that preserves its originality in taste and the authenticity of its origins.

Best of Both Worlds

By successfully putting forward an explorative concept in the brand’s product development, a new rising star menu is born. This is the highlight of their boba innovation. Their creative breakthrough marks Xi Bo Ba as an inspiring market leader – the pioneer of Croffle x Boba delights in Indonesia.

We’re Not Just Another Boba,
But The Best Yet The Most Affordable
Boba Drink In Town.

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No. 1 Indonesian Boba Brand
Delightfully Relevant

The brand introduces the best of both worlds to fulfill market demands and surf the waves of F&B trends. To reflect the success of this brand, the product packaging design arrives in a more playful look and feel that visually expresses a unique and vibrant experience for boba lovers.