Bringing Affordable
Food Trends For All

Culinary trends may come and go, but when a fresh concept has taken root within the heart of people, it holds the power to cause a shift in the whole industry.

So when Kulo Group saw a spike in shabu-shabu trend, a clear idea had been born: an all you can eat shabu-shabu with millennials in mind.

The Name
Is The Game

The brand has to stand out as an affordable choice in a crowd that claimed for quality and luxury. The first step was to choose a name that’s approachable and fun, so we decided on Kitamura. The name sounds Japanese, but it’s actually a wordplay from two Indonesian words: “Kita” and “Murah”, which literally translates to “we are cheap”.

Challenging The Standards

Through brand audit, we learned that Japanese shabu-shabu is seen as a gourmet meal. We wanted to redefine the concept of shabu-shabu from luxurious treats to food for all occasions.

It’s also a way of honoring our client’s vision, which is to introduce culinary trends around the world in an affordable and accessible manner. But, how to alter the strong perception of such lavish culinary experience?

Branches in
Less Than 1 Year
Breathing Life To Kitamura

We extended Kitamura’s playfulness across its visual identity by visualizing the brand as a man who loves eating shabu-shabu. To push the identity further, several personalized Japanese kanji characters were then combined into the logotype, which serves as a connection for the dishes’ origin. With Kitamura’s breakthroughs, now people can enjoy Japanese shabu-shabu experience even on common occasions. And that’s what Kitamura is all about: bringing a new trend in savoring affordable shabu-shabu.