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Take You Beyond Horizon

TourHero awares that good memories are created from the way of travel, not just a destination. Encouraging their customers to see vacation from different perspectives, TourHero offers a one of a kind experience in places that you have-or-have not been before.

For the love of travel, we see from different perspective, provides new experience to create an Unforgettable Journey.

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We Share Extraordinary Experience.
We Revolutionize The Way of Travelling.

We spark this spirit, lift up their looks, implementing memorable trips with an elephant as the main idea of the logo. It’s atypical to have an elephant as your main logo, but this secretly has the same value as TourHero’s: substantial and noticeable, with good memory belonging to travel around. This visualization makes TourHero become extraordinary and trustworthy, bringing you to one place with many stories.