Satisfactory Comes With A Reasonable Price

It is important to build trust and keep the quality of the product while retaining the customer at the same time. This is especially true for in-Lite, a provider of electrical tools specialized in lamps that offers good quality bulbs wrapped in an affordable price. But one thing is missing: How to divert from other brands?

Relighting The Brand Perception

First off, brand image will be the essence. To make in-Lite products stick in mind, we made a tagline representing their products. “Terang Lampunya, Panjang Umurnya” is the tagline to ignite the long-lasting and powerful bulb.  

Offering high-quality light bulbs, in-Lite had a smart, high technology chip inside their products. This makes the lighting more efficient, durable and convenient to be used indoors. The efficiency and convenience of the light are the good selling points that we know will be great in the market.


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Noticeable Through Premium Looks

To leave a lasting impression on the customers, we create a sleek and modern packaging. Dominated with purple and a gradient of red and blue, the new packaging enhances the premium feeling of in-Lite. The specifications are simplified by transforming important information into graphics and list the details on the back of the box. Through this new look, it is easier to understand the product’s excellence against in-Lite’s competitor.

Catalog, The League of Intrigue

The numerous products marketed are listed on in-Lite’s product catalogue. With the showcase of products in premium and modern feeling, it is easier to decide which light bulb to buy.