Sinergi Trikarya Perkasa

Bringing Professional
Highly Durable Machine
with Affordable Prices

STP also know as Sinergy Trikarya Perkasa is a company engaged in the field of machinery and is the exclusive distributor for a large list of international brands in bakery equipment. They supply a wide range of bakery equipment suitable for home industry, in-store bakery, chain store, supermarket chain and bread factory.

How To Show Credibility
To The Market
As A New Brand?

Even though STP is a new brand, they have over 30 years of experience from pursuing the family business, as well as connection with countless renowned client brands.

In which during the initial discussion, it is discovered that STP’s branding objective is to have a professional and credible visual but also to have a more fresh and modern feel to the overall brand compared to the older family business to appeal more to today’s target audience.

Through brand audit, we found out that STP didn’t have a clear positioning as a brand, with inconsistency in brand visual implementation with no proper guideline and cohesiveness brand image on top of it.

STP Wants To Be There In Every Step Of Your Way,
Giving You A One-Stop Solution For Your Bakery Needs

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A Clean Visual With Clear Information
Of Product’s Specification

From the identity and website visual audit we’ve done on bakery machinery industry, most competitors have a professional and neat visual of information on their website. Some website also showcased their products excellence in point that which can be compared with their other products, making it easy for buyers to decide on which one to buy. In which we could apply this for STP as well