Does Shopping Frustrate Men?

Crafted over 30 years ago, LARUSSO has been creating high-quality clothing that is worth every penny for all men. Selling in most department stores all over Indonesia, its name has become notable among shoppers.

But, there has been a long-held myth that men find shopping to be frustrating! The crowded malls, the millions of choices, hence the indecisiveness. To overcome these never-ending issues, can LARUSSO restore sanity on all men?

Breaking The Barrier

LARUSSO focuses on one goal: providing smart solutions to answer fashion problems. From that, we aim to develop brand strategies that capture the idea of transformation and improve lives.

The brand centers on a timeless logo, giving a lasting impression of alteration in the ever-changing fashion world. The logo functions as visual elements, enabling itself to adapt into various spaces and materials which enhance the essence of the brand.

Within the rebranding process, we needed an extra touch to make LARUSSO a perfect fit. Aiming to refine the shopping experience to become hassle-free and enjoyable, we came up with an idea of a Subscription Plan. Affordable fashion is now provided with ease for all members, this solves the struggle of shopping that bothers men.

We want people to invest in what they wear, not splurging money. Through these solutions, LARUSSO is ready to take customers on a transformational journey!

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