A Solution for
a Refined Quality of Life

Brand Audit

Brand Strategy

Brand Implementation

Established in 2021, Vici is a manufacturer of power tools and machineries. Born with passion to enhance the quality of life, Vici brings innovative and beneficial solutions through the best value products in the market – making its existence creates difference in more ways than you can imagine.

Reaching the Market’s Spotlight

Altering customer experience is one of many ways to stand out in the market. Most of Vici’s competitors provide excessive information on a single product. Hence, we simplified Vici’s product information in a direct way, making it easy to understand for customers.

We also developed a bold and professional visual images which represent the credible, durable, and affordable values of the product. As a result, Vici’s power tools and machineries are accessible & reliable to personal usage for business owners and DIY customers.