EVOS E-Sport

The White Tiger That
Can’t Be Tamed

With the fast-rising popularity of online games, EVOS eSports lets out their first roar in 2016 for the world to hear. Today, they have solidified their spot as the leading eSports organization in South East Asia, snatching trophies everywhere they go.

There is no doubt that EVOS will continue to evolve and ultimately rise as the undisputed champion. But one question remains: What’s the best way to showcase their power and glory?

To Infinity and Beyond!

To initiate EVOS as the Carry of the SEA eSports team, we did a major makeover for their website. We visualized it as if being transferred inside a game, inciting our own fantasies. From selecting your character and matches to collecting trophies and other trinkets, the website reveals the complex yet thrilling side of the virtual world in great detail. By taking an approach of futuristic and sci-fi aesthetic, we want to distinguish EVOS from the rest and cemented the brand as a household name in the world of eSports.


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