Raising the Bar of Lubricant Brand in Indonesia

Evalube is one of Indonesia’s best known brand for good quality lubricant. We took on Evalube biggest redesign in decade, encompassing the whole new level of Lubricant industry in Indonesia. Our Goal is to help Evalube reclaim its iconic status and to make it standout among it’s “international looks” competitor.

The Quest for Simplicity and The Performance Driven

Using our consumer brand perception strategy, we discover that Evalube had an opportunity to further differentiate the brand. While Evalube was still perceived as the true, and original leader of its category, there was some erosion on the attributes of up to date, dynamic and progressive.

To help Evalube stand out from the crowd, we determined that it could leverage two trends aligned with its core: the quest for simplicity and the performance driven.


Champion - Indonesia Original Brand 2021
Research by SWA


Word of Mouth Marketing 2015
Quality - GCSS 2013
Global Customer Satisfaction Standard
Our Process

We started by simplifying the element of the packaging and highlight Evalube most valuable asset: the pure performance technology. Taken together, these changes positioned Evalube as a bold category in the Lubricant Industry. Most importantly, the simpler, more clearer message improved communication with the customers.

Proven Idea

Through Brand Testing, we have the solid proof which design can enhance Evalube’s brand but still relevant with the market. There’s also consideration of several factors that need to be make sure before we mass produce the product.