The Web of Strength

Many years ago, people were passionate about leather-based goods. Specialized in leather crafts and modification since 1989, Laba-Laba was founded by Jap A. Ten and established with the name “De Spin”. Laba-Laba uses a spider as its icon that symbolizes how Laba-Laba keeps performing strength and perseverance, even when they are experiencing the hardest time.

Time flew, and the government formed new regulations. Obeying the rules, De Spin had to change their brand’s name into Bahasa. This transformation is the epilogue of the fresh new born of Laba-Laba.

Treasures of Tomorrow

Supported by more than 100 years of experience, Laba-Laba in quest of new identity as a reparation as many people are now adapting to the lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS). This eco-friendly way of life makes them prefer to spend money on repairs to reuse their goods rather than buying a new one. Aside from the built strategy, visual rejuvenation is also coveted to make Laba-Laba look fresher and presentable.

Laba-Laba’s brand new identity is not just about a new logo. But, it accommodates all identities including stationeries, website, social media, and company profile. With its newfangled identity, Laba-Laba is ready to build partnerships with many great potentials out there.

Make Your Necessities As Good As New

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Experienced in Repairing
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Adapting to Serve The Best

As Laba-Laba keeps getting older, their target market is also graying. As the youths are now dominating the population, they haven’t known the existence of a store that caters their forebears. This missing puzzle piece leads Laba-Laba to brand identity loss. Modernity resulted in us living in a rapid change period, including the fast shifting of bags and shoes trend. Many brands are affected, including Laba-Laba. But, as Laba-Laba always keeps customer’s satisfaction in mind, they started to focus on providing the public with repair services.

Digitally Revived

We are now going digital where we seek everything online. We renewed Laba-Laba’s website as a digital company website to make it easier for the audience to discover Laba-Laba and their services.