Local Made, Premium Grade.

Manufactured in 1993, Weidenmann is a local manufacturer specializing in outdoor footwear. The adventurous journey started with a variety of hiking sandals, then escalated to mountaineering boots and daily wear shoes with constant up-to-date modifications. With its durability and reliable superiority, Weidenmann is trusted by their market and has distributed its products across the nation.

Staying Still Is A Burden

After taking a deeper look into the brand, we learned that Weidenmann does not possess appealing packaging, marketing activity, and being in the loop. Those shortcomings lead them to remain unknown and outdated for their target market. As wanderers keep seeking adventure in the present-day, how will Weidenmann become their intended users’ forerunner?

Great Shoes Will Walk You to Great Places & Introduces to Great Wonders

Many other outdoor footwear brands decipher ‘adventure’ as something mysterious and the experience of journeying out alone. Meanwhile, Weidenmann awakens the soul of ‘adventure’ by instilling the essence of togetherness into their products. Weidenmann's brand personality is created to reflect Indonesian consumer habits who seem to find a great deal of contentment when they wander and explore the world together.