Granola Creations - from Bali to the World

We could not be more proud to elevate a local business with good-will to an international level of standard. Hundred Seeds that started as a small household business, sourcing and packing high-quality Granola products in Bali, after the rebranding now exports its signature product Granola Creations to countries as near as Singapore and as far as Chile, and is in discussion with various potential business partners.

Granola Creations' owner believes that the best breakfast and snack he can have is a natural one that is cultivated right where he lives: in Bali, the Island of Gods. What now has become the Hundred Seeds company, started off as a grassroot movement that celebrates the origin of ingredients, craft and passion, and welfare of the farmers.

Many people share his believe, expatriates and local people alike. After a well-earned yet surprisingly quick success, he is ready to take his business to a higher level.

Egghead assessed the original packaging design, took clues from there to stay recognizable in the eyes of its loving fans, structured the information hierarchy, and with some strategy and creativity turned it into the packagings that are now displayed all over Indonesia's chain supermarkets, minimarkets, and international distribution points.

Now that the company is projecting its focus onto a bigger screen, it aspires to deliver the best combination of oats, nuts, and fruit in different shapes and sizes, for any kind of purpose, the possibilities are endless. Stay in tune for the next deliciously good projects that we are working on in this very moment! 

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