Healthy Day, Checked!

Cold Press comes with a brand-new look for the health-consious urbanites of Jakarta who have more and more ambitions and less and less time.

Fun, fresh, energetic.

The new Cold Press differentiates itself from the rest of the cold press competitors by accentuating the freshness and feel-good effect of not merely consuming, but indulging in the product.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away —so they say. By drinking a bottle of Cold Press each day, people quickly complete one step towards achieving one of the hardest goals: To live a healthier without sacrificing more time they already do not have.

The icon represents a check mark, an apple, and a press in one. Combined with the bright colors, illustrations, and metallic finish, the packaging makes the essences of raw veggies and fruit less of a dread and more like a fun supplement, an instagramable one indeed!

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