TX TRAVEL is a travel agency that holds on to the concept as a Full Service Travel Agent — developing from selling only flight tickets, they now also provide hotel vouchers, tour packets and also cruise ships. Until today, they are still researching and finding other facilities to give only quality for their consumers.


brand implementation
TX Travel holdes the MURI Record in 2004 as the very first travel agent in Indonesia that has been bought as a frenchise — now TX Travel has 200 outlets in 54 cities in Indonesia.

With TX Travel’s wide connection, competitive products, improved technologies, and strong distribution channel, Egghead created a brand identity that is compatible and suitable to represent and communicate the true values of TX Travel. The previously plane icon inside the logogram does not reflect the brand core anymore and to solve this Egghead change it into another symbol, The Garuda — inspired by the powerful symbol of Indonesia. 

Injecting a strong and bold image for the identity, the Garuda logogram now has a deeper meaning to the brand — building a protective and meticulous personalities to their quality and consumers, making sure that safety and comfort is always their number one priority. Egghead uses bright colors to express TX Travel as a professional identity that can also be fun, innovative, and transparant.


The logogram are then applied to several collaterals such as envelopes, business cards, documents, and even merchandises. Egghead also created a consitent and fresh color palette for the identity — which also applies to their website to a more modern approach that is inline with their new brand.