It was first started from only mineral water – using high technology far away from German, this Aceh originality product not only target their local audience but also to national level.


art direction, packaging
Each month, production and demand are always increasing – and now it has reached more than 40% higher since its first production in January 2016.

When Rych Water decided to expand to create another sub brand called Rych Coffee, Egghead knew that introducing their identity to the people should be highlighted as one of the first strategy. Before introducing the product to the market, capturing the audience’s attention should be the first to do list.


Egghead developed a simple logo that could communicates elegantly to reach a higher target market. The cropped ’R’ symbolize a coffee grinder silhouette. What is so special about Rych Coffee is the aroma — Egghead managed to create a seamless steam symbol in the letter’C’.

Penetrating to the current coffee market with a strong identity is not enough. Egghead realizes that it has to be more than just an ordinary coffee  — using the packaging as a canvas, Egghead work together with illustrator Gabrielle Andhita, in which each coffee flavour has a specific visual representation of the region where the coffee is born. Batik as Indonesia’s cultural heritage is used as the main visual characteristic.