Onokabe is an all you can eat business restaurant that is under Boga Group. What makes Onokabe different from other all you can eat restaurant is their understanding towards the diversity of taste and preference that everyone might have. To solve the problem, they created both suki and grill as their cooking medium with different menus changing every once in a while.


naming, character, brand implementation
By combining both Japanese and Javanese culture, Onokabe has created a brand new concept of ‘all you can eat’ experience.

Onokabe wants to introduce a self-cooking experience that is adopted by Japanese suki and grill to Javanese tongues. Egghead combines both cultures to be the core of the overall brand of the restaurant – making the brand itself into a fun, quirky and friendly tone of voice to their customers. As a result, Onokabe is now a new all you can eat concept.

The name behind Onokabe itself was taken from a Javanese languange that if translate has a meaning of “everything is available”. Here is where the quirks and fun tone of voice comes in – Egghead playfully made the Javanese language as if it’s Japanese due to the similar pronountiation. Egghead also created a sumo character to reveal more on the Japanese culture and to communicate that Onokabe loves high quality food, like sumo wrestlers do. 


Egghead then implement the visual element together to create a supergraphic for the brand that can be easily applied to it’s outlets, stationaries and uniforms – creating a distinctive and recognisable brand. The fun and quirky tone of voice has also implies in other interactive facilities such as; kids playing room, chair message in the waiting room etc.