Noble Academy is a school for gifted and talented children — who are different intellectually and creatively in specific academic fields. Because of this, they often became insecure and unable to receive the proper activities to develop their capabilities. Noble Academy stand for these special children, preparing them properly to face society.


brand strategy, brand implementation
Nobel Academy wanted to be a ‘container’ for gifted children so they can be confident and express their talent for the right purposes.

Egghead sees that these children need a shield that could protect them and encourage them to be able to use their ability for the greater good. Egghead wanted to create a brave and confident look – like a knight in a shining armour – so that it can be reflected by the children under Nobel Academy. 

The logo is a combination of peacock for integrity & confidence, blooming flower for endurance love in the community, pencil simply for education and a mindset to be able to correct mistakes and shield for strength and protection.


The logo are then implemented throughout the collaterals in the academy, proudly and consistently showing in every bits as a protector for the children.