Inspired by companies that have fought a great battle in the large industries such as, automotive and finance, Namastra founders have determined to participate in building Indonesias’ economy by creating the only Cooperative that can one day become the country’s culture. 


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Namastra have determined to be the Cooperative that is modern, professional and enthusiastic in building Indonesias’ economy.

Egghead see that the previous look of Namastra can be improve and develop towards their vision; modern, professional and enthusiastic. Following their mission, Egghead created a proposition for Namastra as the bridge between people and opportunities – “Connecting Opportunities”.

In order to connect people with opportunities, Egghead discover that Namastra must perceive as a friendly, humble yet trustworthy Cooperative.


In result, Egghead created the logogram as a symbol of growth and ‘helping hand’ with a minimalist san serif font — which then are use as the supergraphic. Blue for the dominant color, not too dull and not too basic — just the right friendly blue, together with coral red and pine green.