Nurtured by Nature is the core of Muyoo’s brand – inspired  from the pure experience of nature, committed to bring out the original tastes of raw materials to their greatest extent, and insisting to be responsible to the sense of taste. With their belifs, Muyoo has created a new concept of cheese tea drinks, making it different from its competitors.


art direction
Muyoo understands that a finely design of a brand, packaging and stores are important to achieve a better experiences for their consumers — building the new model of experiential beverage outlets.

The challenge for Egghead is to create a brand that is prominent and unique enough to face competitors in a big market. Using the main core of the brand ‘Nuture by Nature’, Egghead communicates to Muyoo’s consumer using fresh and quirky graphic elements.

Egghead also directed Muyoo’s product photography — believing a photo can speak much about the brand. Muyoo’s photography includes each ingredients of the drink to show the natural and high quality ingredients that they use for their product. Using the same color to harmonise with their graphic element, it makes the photography blends well with the whole identity.


The whole art direction are then developed into a tone of voice that is fun and dynamic, making the brand approachable — by implementing graphics to Muyoo’s collaterals and using the photography as a marketing tool, Muyoo now has a story to be told to it’s consumers.