Fuwa-Fuwa is one of the pioneer of fluffy cheese cake in Indonesia, they are well known for their fluffy texture and delightful taste. Fresh ingredients and modern techniques are the secret to Fuwa-Fuwa’s distinctive cheesecakes.


naming, character, brand implementation
Intrecate techniques and professional skills are needed to create a fluffy cheesecake from scratch — quality has always been Fuwa-fuwa’s number one core value.

Through all the branding process egghead tries to enhance Fuwa-fuwa’s quality – one of the approach is to create a name that represent the fluffiness of the cheesecake — Fuwa-Fuwa (ふわふわ) — if translated from Japanese language, the word describes the sound made by something light and fluffy.

To support the name Fuwa-fuwa, Egghead created a character to represent Fuwa-fuwa fluffyness — Fuwa-chu — a teared part from the cheesecake. Egghead added expressions and implement the character to Fuwa-fuwa’s collaterals such as namecards, packaging, interior design, and even their products


By applying the graphic elements Fuwa-fuwa now has a fun and approachable look for its consumers.  Fuwa-chu has now travel around Indonesia introducing their products  to new people and leaving them with an unforgettable cheesecake experience.