Boga Group’s food and beverage business has grown exponentially every year, with a 10% year-on-year sales growth in 2016 translating to an annual revenue of USD 150 million. With this growth rate, Boga Group will remain as one of the giants in the Indonesian F&B Industry.


brand implementation
Established in 2002 BOGA Group is one of the largest Food Chain Restaurant company in Indonesia, with more than 100 franchise and company restaurants in Indonesia itself.

After 16 years, the new identity is sought to refresh and strengthen BOGA Group's presence in Indonesia. Inventing comfort and excitement through cuisines that are served from the heart, we want to emphasize BOGA Group Elements into one iconic heart symbol. The identity also preserves and enhances the iconic red logo together.


With this new symbol, we aim to serve every customer that come to BOGA Group’s chain restaurants with humble heart.

The iconic heart-shaped B logo are then implemented to Boga Group's collaterals, marketing tools and also uniforms. The simplicity on the logo makes it memorable and easy to spot in a distance. 

By early 2018, Boga Group operates 154 restaurants with more than 5.000 highly trained employees, and the number of outlets is expected to become 180 by the end of 2018.