Over the course of 17 years, ATM BERSAMA has grown to a multi-core business group through expansions in payment system. Therefore, a corporate rebranding was required to recapture the core essence of the expanded group.


brand implementation
ATM Bersama is the first ATM network that operates in Indonesia, that first began in connecting twenty one banks in Indonesia.

An image of payment company has been heavily associated with their old logo due to its 17 years of excellent business conducts. Thus, difficulties were present in changing the way that the brand was perceived. Rejuvenating the entire brand platform, including its vision, mission, and core communication strategies, in addition to overhauling its visual identity with modern, mature, and lean cut style.


Egghead sees that there are a gap in the previous visual look where it doesn't convey the modern message of banking. Tweaking the visual and completing it's marketing tools, ATM Bersama now communicates in a forward-thinking way as a brand — building a brand new perception towards their target market.

ATM Bersama now is more consistent and communicates accordingly to their core value through its visuals.

Now ATM Bersama has over 49.000 ATM and 81 workers.