Egghead wins FPO Awards

Imagine how surprising it was for us to receive the global FPO Awards from the respected platform when we barely turned one year old! Egghead is the brainchild of young creatives who have a passion to build a brand consultancy from scratch, and getting this award was a huge deal for us!

As our name suggests, we love to have men­tal activ­i­ties in the office—be that boardgames or creating concepts for our clients. In our first year, we have accomplished tremendous projects by doing exactly that what we love.

The greatest reward for us is when the process we dearly cherish produces results that is loved by clients and spectators alike. To mark our great first year we wanted to thank all of our clients by giv­ing them a gift that would for­ever change their per­cep­tion about branding.

The project gained international exposure through online publication, and as a book distributed in a limited number, containing all the award-winning projects of that year. Books can be purchased here.


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