With a vision to bring Barre workout experience to Asia, WeBarre took the opportunity to create something that empowers people to be #StrongTogether. The essence of WeBarre is to form a supportive community make fitness a fun part of everyday's lifestyle.


Art Direction
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Barre, Burn, Repeat. Anytime. Anywhere.
Egghead - WeBarre - Desktop Design Implementation

Egghead conceptualized the first dedicated Barre studio of its kind in Singapore combining the best of ballet, yoga, pilates & strength training techniques in one dynamic 60 minute class at a time when many had never heard of Barre in a market already saturated with Yoga studios.

Egghead - WeBarre - Desktop Implementation

WeBarre has received a good response from the public within 4 years, one of the achievements is the increase in the number of studios and also had successfully expanded to Hong Kong.

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Egghead - WeBarre - Mobile Implementation
Egghead - WeBarre - Mobile Implementation
Egghead - WeBarre - Photo