Wika Realty is a property company that moves in producing quality and competitive products, as well as preserving the environment. Taneuh is a start-up driven by the concern of today food issue, by the idea of growing fresh produce at your very own home, our focus now is growing microgreens, grow them, encourage by the high density of nutrients they provide compared to the mature plant.


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Egghead - Tamansari - Calendar Packaging Design
PT WIKA Realty Tbk is delighted to be awarded as one of the best State-Owned Enterprise in Property. WIKA Realty is committed to be one of the best developer by providing a variety of investment properties as well as excellent corporate performance.
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Working with companies that have a same passion for preserving the environment, gives us an idea of growing plants at home. Meaning soil, is a celebration to one of the earth’s purest elements. We respect the soil as the fundamental aspect on cultivating and nourishing food throughout centuries.

Egghead - Tamansari - Product Packaging Design

While conventional farm is now moving more far from the city, we trying to make city as our farm and laboratory on growing food and tackle the waste energy came from food miles. Microgreens is a green plants harvested when the true leaves set appear

Egghead - Tamansari - Calendar Design

In this calendar, we put 12 types of edible plant seeds and can be easily planted at home. Providing an explanation of the benefits of the plant in each month, we want to encourage people to love the environment in playful way.

Egghead - Tamansari - Product & Calendar Design
Egghead - Tamansari - Product Packaging Design
Egghead - Tamansari - Calendar Design
Egghead - Tamansari - Calendar Design