In 2003, Nata Cake and Cookies was established — after a long journey developing the distinctive flavor that it’s now popular for. “Since 1978, our family has been continuing to create various cakes and cookies from family recipes by using selected natural ingredients while paying attention to market tastes, so that our products can be accepted by the various groups of people.”


art direction, brand implementation
Egghead - Nata - Product Catalog Design
Currently, Nata Cake and Cookies have have reached 8 outlets located in favorite shopping malls at the Capital, and it is now still growing and expanding it’s brand.
Egghead - Nata - Logo Design & Brand Tagline

“A Bite to Celebrate” is a story that we create for Nata to comply in every activity or event, Egghead wants the impression of “sweet moments” and “delightful present” attached as Nata’s new identity. As a brand, Nata is presented in a way of story telling, rather than just selling its products. Egghead intended to provide brand loyalty, as well as a more fresh and enjoyable promotional material in this business sector.

Egghead - Nata - Business Card Design

Evolving into today’s brand in the cake and cookies industry is a big challenge, especially for brands that have been started in a long time ago. Slowly, Eggheadensured Nata to be able to turn the ‘steering wheel’ from the conventional method of promotion, into current and measurable marketing strategy, introducing and reclaiming their brand name — Nata is now recognisable and memorable to their consumers.

Egghead - Nata - Letterhead Design

By implementing modern design to their identity system, Egghead believes that this transformation adds value to the brand, as well as the confidence of this business to continue to survive in the market today and beyond.

Egghead - Nata - Product Catalog Design
Egghead - Nata - Product Catalog Design & Photography Styling
Egghead - Nata - Product Catalog Design & Photography Styling
Egghead - Nata - Product Photography Styling