APR (Asian Pacific Rayon) is one of the largest, most technologically advanced and efficient makers of rayon products in the world. APR believes that good business is about what’s good for community, country, climate, customer and company — only then will it be sustainable.


brand implementation
Egghead - APR - Logo Design
APR’s investment value has reached USD 1,13 Million or Rp 10,9 Triliun with the capacity of 350.000 tons each year ever since the company was firstly built in August 2016.
Asian Pacific Rayon Strategy

Egghead has designed a new identity for APR that reflects its core beliefs — sustainability, superiority, diversity, teamwork, and responsibility. The works that APR does is incredibly important, especially as climate change and distruction to nature has been one of the most critical problem in the world.

Egghead - APR - Company Logo Design

The new identity integrates the company’s mission into their logogram, which is inspired from the shape of leafs — which rayon mainly comes from — this then are applied to the logotype as well. The chosen colors are to represen their proffesionalism (blue) and sustainability (green). The logo that represents the company’s identity now has a bold and friendly look just as how they would position their company to make the world a better place.

Egghead - APR - Stationery Business Card Design

Egghead then applies the logo and develop it into a graphic element that can be apply to APR’s collaterals, such as documents, letters, posters and even unifroms. These implementations are then made into specific guidelines to give the brand itself a consistent and modern look.

Egghead - APR - Stationery Envelope Design
Egghead - APR - Stationery Design
Egghead - APR - Poster Brochure Design
Egghead - APR - Stationery Letterhead Design
Egghead - APR - Company ID Card Design
Egghead - APR - Company Uniform Design
Egghead - APR - Company Vehicle Design
Egghead - APR - Event