Name some brands of sports apparel.

In between your answers, you must be having Adidas or Nike on your list. Eager to know how we seem to be charged with a superpower in guessing your thoughts? Let us break it down for you! Both of these brands have marked their name as the leading manufacturer in the sportswear industry on a global scale. It's not merely a typical 'label' showcasing the brand's logo and name. Matter of fact, it is something far beyond. These brands with successful dominance in the sportswear industry have majestically grown their ability to unify with lifestyle.

Then, another question pops in: How can a brand name stick in people’s perception and become the top of mind?


Egghead - Symbolization of the vision


Symbolization of the vision


We might want to rush the answer at a speed of light. However, don't you think it will ruin the enjoyment?

Now, when it comes to finding the perfect name for your business, "rushing" is branding's legendary archenemy. So best believe, you want to take it slow by establishing a well-planned vision for your overall business.

Your goals in the future impact how far your brand name will relate to the consumers on a much more personal level. Never underestimate the importance of finding a globally-pronounced or location-focused brand name. We would say that you ought to look into your target market way closer this time because it's another thing that affects the type and style of your brand naming. That being said, this is where you add that magical ingredient into your brand naming.


Egghead - Target to show


Target to Show

Define how your brand will be represented. Who is the market? Is it the youth in revolt who love vibrant colors and endless adventures, or the country club community who adore satisfaction and lavish indulgence? Followed by, what is your brand promise? Is it an affordable or customizable brand?

These foundations will define the brand desires and voice, making it unique and true. From that point, conceptualize the image of your product. A brand name should be a clear icon of what your business wants it to be, reminiscing your heart and soul into the brand. It can be fun with energetic vibes, or a luxurious yet sophisticated look. All comes back to resonate and sculpt the characteristics of your product.

EGGHEAD did the same thing for Kitamura, we gave the breath of life to the Japanese restaurant. Upbringing a fresh concept of delicious and affordable Japanese shabu-shabu, we want to embrace the joy of budget-friendly food. The name ‘Kitamura’ is a combination of two Indonesian words ‘kita’ (us) and ‘murah’ (cheap) that has the Japanese vibes to it.


Egghead - Easy to catch


Easy to Catch


Nothing is more important than an iconic word. It is crucial when a sentence with several letters becomes the front face of your brand. A name must give a concise message and be understandable, so the audience can get what product is sold without overthinking.

The name can also come from the sensation when consumers interact with your business. Like one of our projects with Gulu-Gulu, a cheese tea brand coming from Taiwan and Mainland China. We discover the word ‘Gulu-Gulu’ from the mix of Chinese sounds of people talking (Ji Li Gu Lu) and chop the first two words. Take the word ‘Gulu’ and repeat it to mimic the sound of people drinking.


Egghead - Be brave to evolve

Be Brave to Evolve


We know that brand naming is a big deal for your brand. It does not matter if you choose a powerful word or create your own unique phrase. The imagination is yours and sky's the limit. So go further, explore the unknown, you have all the time and space in the world to have fun with it until you find the perfect match for your brand name. Remember to take it slow, we should say it's like a quest in seeking your soulmate.

Whether it’s a new or refreshed brand, the name holds the key to unlock the enchanted. Test the water first before you launch your new brand name, it is essential to ask your customers on how they think and feel about it. Once it walks together in perfect alignment with what your brand name is aiming for, you’re good to go!

Your answer to our question at the start of this article has proven the magic of brand naming. How prominent it is to make your brand names represent your business and connect right away. Be bold, be brave, be different. Start your own trends, shape your own communities. Forge the power from your notable brand name.


30 March 2021