Nowadays, every brand seems to have similar looks. Most of it had a look-alike type font, creating a fresh and renewed image with a slight difference. But, why does this strategy seem to become a phenomenon? 


Egghead - New Business Model


New Business Model

In this technology era, social media has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms. Manufacturers able to reach their consumer right away, without the help of a distributor or retail store. This business model is called Direct To Consumer or DTC. 


Egghead - Stay Relevant


Stay Relevant

Brands can get the attention of their target markets by following their style and needs. This is why big brands that have been established since years-or even centuries ago dare to change their image. The old-fashioned logo may have impressed the older generation in previous times, but not applicable for millennials as their consumer nowadays. In order to stay relevant and able to reach new consumers, they change their looks to what is desired today. 


Egghead - The Rebranding Phenomenon - Familiarity



Top three brand attribution that matters most for millennials is trustworthiness, creativity, and intelligence.

With similar looks, consumers are familiar with what they see. The slight proximity in between brands, as a trend, has an impact on trust in consumers. Surfing the wave of branding gives a signal to consumers that the renewed brand is also part of the other set of brands that already have their trust.

“What are the attributes that make you like a brand most?” 


Egghead - The Rebranding Phenomenon - Authenticity



Global big brands, from Balmain to Burger King have changed their old looks to stay up-to- date without leaving their identity. In between the trend of rebranding and having modern looks, brands still need to keep their authenticity and stay different with others, especially their competitors. Rebranding purposes is to reach new consumers and stay relevant in the game. Do not let it reverse and confuse the consumer. 


Egghead Case Study - ATM Bersama


EGGHEAD did the same thing for ATM Bersama, one of the first and famous ATM networks in Indonesia. With a new look, ATM Bersama rejuvenates their brand platform with modern, mature, and lean cut style. Previously their logo never changed since 1989, but we elevate their branding with a brand new logo. Find out more here:

All these tactics proposed to take consumers’ attention. Rebranding is suggested every 7 to 10 years, to retain the brand image in the market and gain consumers. But beside the looks, first and foremost make sure the marketed product has persistent quality throughout the years. 


23 February 2021